Have you Tried That Crazy Body Wrap Thing?

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It Works Body Wraps Tone, Tighten and Firm

Are you having trouble losing post baby fat? Working hard to get back into shape, but can’t seem to tighten up your belly? It Works body wrap can help you! These body wraps are as close to magic as it gets! Tones, tightens firms in as little as 45 mins.

What are It Works Body Wraps?

The Ultimate Body Applicator AKA It Works Body Wrap, are individual wraps made of all natural ingredients. You can apply the body wrap to anywhere you wish to tighten. The wrap will continue working for 72 hours.

How Much Do It Works Body Wraps Cost?

Try a wrap today for only $25.00! Get a box of 4 wraps for $99 or become a loyal customer and only pay $59 for a box of 4 wraps.

Let me help you get your sexy back! Get rid of that post baby belly!

Body Wrap Results Before and After Post Baby Belly

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